After retiring from practicing orthodontics in the Temecula Valley for over 30 years, Dr. Petrol and her husband Dr. Ray Webb wanted to pursue their interest in woodworking and home renovations.  In 2014 they found their first vintage trailer that needed its cabinetry restored….. and this became  Dr. Petrol’s opportunity to hone some new woodworking skills.  Dr. Webb enjoyed restoring rotted flooring, old plumbing and 50 year old electrical work.  They collected these trailers with a focus. Their goal was to save as many vintage trailers as they could while keeping them as original as possible. 


We restore them keeping them as original as possible, and update them with modern amenities that make your stay more comfortable

 Their collection grew to 10 Trailers. They range from a 1950’s Clipper to a 1954 Clipper to a 1968 Sabre.  They centered their search on the Silver Streak Trailers instead of Airstreams for two very good reasons. 1) In the 1960’s Silver Streak trailers were built better and stronger than Airstreams and 2) Silver Streak cabinetry was still made from real wood and not a plastic laminate that disintegrated more quickly. Dr. Petrol also focused on personally making all lined, pin pleated, era appropriate, curtains. She then turned her attention to upholstering dinette and sofa cushions, tufting headboards, making bedspreads, pillows and padded leather walls. 


I have really enjoyed the freedom these trailers afford me in taking artistic license and having fun with it.

Filling each trailer with color coordinated cooking utensils, plates, bedding, curtains and theme like décor evokes “Ohhh’s and Ahhh’s” when people first enter.

It’s been our lifelong dream come true. Restoring vintage trailers and having people share in the experience of bygone days is truly rewarding. 

We set out originally to learn new restoration skills. Once completed, these trailers sat, unused and waiting for others to enjoy their new look. “We could only use one trailer at a time”.  So we thought that sharing these vintage gems with others would be fun. We hoped we could find a permanent home for our trailers so more people could enjoy them. Having our Vintage Trailers permanently located trackside at Galways Downs avoids ALL the Hassle.